Tip from alert neighbor leads to mobile meth lab bust

Burton neighbors are in such disbelief, you have to tell them what happened at the Security Credit Union Friday morning twice.

â??In the parking lot,â?? questions neighbor Princess Jones. â??Really, wow,â?? she adds.

Police say meth-making tools and substances were found in a green pick-up truck

The discovery is all thanks to an alert neighbor.

â??The information they had was he was possibly scrapping out of the dumpster in The Goodwill (store) as well," says Lt. Michael Oâ??Dette with the Burton Police Department.

The suspect was leaving the scene when he saw lights and heard sirens behind him.

â??They could immediately smell strong odors of chemicals from the vehicle,â?? says Oâ??Dette.

Thatâ??s when police say the 33-year old man from Davison, fessed up.

â??They asked him if he had a meth lab in the car and he, in fact, advised that he did,â?? says Oâ??Dette.

â??Iâ??m coming here for a business transaction and you have a mobile meth lab here,â?? says Jones.

â??Itâ??s kind of unusual in this little neighborhood,â?? says Hugh Eldrid, a neighbor.

These neighbors are glad someone is keeping an eye out.