Tips on how to avoid foreclosure

As the economy continues on its roller coaster financial ride, waves of people in Michigan continue to lose their homes to foreclosure.

As more Michigan residents become unemployed, the rate of families losing their homes continues to increase.

So, the office of the Attorney General, Bill Schuette, has created some tools to help Michigan homeowners keep their houses.

The Michigan website gives a few tips to avoiding foreclosure. They say to carefully review all loan documents so you know what type of mortgage you have. Contact your lender to try and discuss an alternative, and make sure you stay up to date on all notices you receive in the mail.

You can also find tips on alternatives to foreclosure as well as more resources from the state by clicking here.

We want to hear stories from Michigan residents:

Were you able to avoid foreclosure? If so, how?

If you were foreclosed on, how did you bounce back?