Tips on staying safe in your car during winter

Simms also recommends checking your wiper blades and having jumper cables in your car.

With the record cold temperatures bearing down on Mid-Michigan, car dealership are offering tips to drivers on what you need to take care of your car and yourself in the event of an emergency.

Jim Simms, of Simms Chevrolet in Clio, offers the following tips for drivers:

-Always have a high quality battery and anti-freeze in your car

-Make sure you have jumper cables

-Check your wipers to make sure they clear all snow and water from the windshield

-Get a jumpbox with a portable battery

-Stock your car with an old pair of boots, a blanket and warm clothes- including a jacket, hat, gloves or mittens.

-Make sure you have bottled water and dry food- like breakfast bars, protein bars or crackers- to keep yourself nourished in case you are trapped

You should also check to make sure your tires are not worn and many places recommend that you have a portable shovel so that you can easily dig out your vehicle when the need arises.