Tips to remember before setting off Fireworks

Whit Hutchinson, a fireworks sales associate off Vienna Rd. in Montrose talked to NBC25 about fireworks safety.

Many people have already started lighting fireworks for the holiday.

The State Fire Marshall Richard Miller said, there have already been a number of firework related injuries. Along with using the fireworks properly, dry grass and warm weather are a few things that can cause a firework mishap.

Whit Hutchinson, a fireworks sales associate off Vienna Road in Montrose said. "Flares, bottle rockets, fire crackers, anything can harm you if you're not using them in the proper way."

Before you light up on the 4th of July, Hutchinson said, you should decide who is in charge.

"No kid should be lighting up fireworks without parental super vision for one. If you're [going to] let your children light off fireworks, make sure you're there, make sure you're close and make sure they follow the instructions," Hutchinson added.

The Michigan Fireworks Safety Act prohibits people from drinking alcohol or using drugs while setting them off. People should never try to re-light fireworks that have not ignited fully and always keep a bucket of water handy.