Tire insurance grows in popularity this pothole season

It's being called one of the worst pothole seasons in Michigan, and drivers are left paying the price when traveling the roads damages their cars. But there is one way to avoid footing the bill, by buying tire insurance.

"There goes my paycheck. There goes some money I had saved," said Justin Eheon, Grand Blanc.

It's a phrase tire shops are hearing more and more this winter with the potholes causing so much damage.

"I've had customers come in and buy a brand new, say $700 set of tires, and I've had them come in within the next 24 to 48 hours with pothole damage," said Dan Potter, Manager, Belle Tire.

"So it's going to be like 1,400 dollars, that's horrible," said Eheon.

A trip to get new tires is costing Justin Eheon even more when a crack on his wheel was discovered, damage likely caused by hitting a large pothole.

It is cases like this Potter says has more people buying tire insurance this year.

"I've had a lot of customers coming in, really realizing how beneficial it is," said Potter.

"These roads are horrible. It's like driving over a railroad track the whole time you're driving," said Eheon.

Eheon says he's never bought tire insurance in the past, but today he's thinking differently.

"Now, yeah, but I didn't know about it. But now yeah, I might get that," said Eheon.

The average cost to insure a tire is around $15. Many tire shops offer it when drivers buy new tires. Some car insurance companies also offer it as an add-on to existing policies.