Tis The Season For Sticky Fingers

Tis the season for shoplifting. According to police retail theft increases during the holiday season. Take a look at this this Youtube video shows a team of plain clothes security officers tackling a suspected shoplifter coming out of a Walmart. Another video shows another suspected shoplifter again being confronted at Walmart. Most shoppers can see why tends to be the season for stealing.

Shopper Jenny McVannel says, " I think so just because people want more during the holidays and people have less so."

Carie Clay agrees saying, " Yes because right not people don't have no money and they figure that's the only way they can get their kids anything or whoever they're buying for."

The soft economy may explain why police say more people are stealing food but loss prevention associates at retail stores are also keeping their eyes on other frequently stolen items.

Dave Hocken, a security guard for a local retailer says, " Electronics, X-box, Playstation, ipads, all of these things."

Stores like Target expect more shoplifters in December so they increase staff and monitor everyone coming and going.

Camera's are mounted everywhere these days. Security officers are monitoring those surveillance systems ready to confront any shoppers that might get sticky fingers this holiday season.

P olice say the number one stolen item this year is filet mignon. The stealing of luxury meat has increased 21 percent since 2009.