Toddler mauled by dog; expected to recover

A three-year old girl mauled by a dog Monday night is expected to recover. Police aren't exactly sure what breed the dog is but they say the dog is some type of Pit bull mix.

"I told myself I wasn't going to freak out but,â?? says Patricia McQuade. But after Patricia saw her three-year old niece, she was shocked. The toddler now has a litany of medical issues.

â??It (her face) was all tore off right here, she had had her ears sewn back on. She has a plate in her face with three screws,â?? says McQuade.

All this after, police say, an aggressive dog attacked the child Monday night.

â??It was terrible,â?? says McQuade.

Patricia says the dog has a history of aggressive behavior and was abandoned by one of her former roommates. She says she called animal control to pick up the dog but animal control wanted $130 to remove the dog.

â??We wasnâ??t [sic] going to pay for a dog that wasn't ours,â?? says McQuade.

After the mauling, police called animal control to take care of the animal.

â??It was b.s., they should've taken the dog when it had happened the first time,â?? says McQuade.

Neighbors say Pit bulls have been a problem in this neighborhood for years and they hope this puts an end to it.

â??It kind of surprised me because you can't have Pit bulls in here,â?? says Joy Abler. She lives in the Saginaw Villas Trailer Park where the attack happened.

â??Being that they know it (the Pit bull) shouldn't have been in the park and then it attacked a kid, I think that the law should really look into it if they find him,â?? says Lloyd Osmond, a neighbor.

Once police found the dog, they called Saginaw County Animal Control who removed the dog from the home. Animal control officials released the following statement late Thursday: â??On behalf of the Saginaw County Animal Care Center, we extend our well wishes for a speedy recovery to the child involved in the incident on March 11, 2013, with the dog in Buena Vista Township. Saginaw County Animal Care Center (SCACC) responded to the call and removed the dog from the property. The dog is currently under quarantine at SCACC.

The matter is currently being investigated. Until the matter has been thoroughly investigated, SCACC will not be able to comment any further.â??