Tomorrow is special election day for many areas around Michigan

Bentley says part of the money will go towards new bleachers, a ticket booth and concessions.

Tomorrow in Michigan, 50 out of 83 counties have special elections taking place, with most of them school related.

In Genesee County there are two such votes taking place.

The Byron Area Schools have placed a Sinking Fund on the ballot. If it passes, it will assess 3 mils for 2 years. The money will go toward constructing new buildings and repairing old ones. You can read more here.

Additionally the Bentley Community School District is placing a bond proposal on the ballot, where they are asking for a 3 mil increase over 25 years. This will raise almost $5.3 million for the school to update and upgrade their facilities. You can see a detailed plan of where the money will go here.

Be sure to watch NBC25 at 6 tonight for more on the issues facing voters tomorrow. You can see if your area has an election tomorrow here.