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      Tornado clean-up continues across Genesee County

      Neighbors on Rex Avenue helping each other clean-up the debris.

      Neighbors are sifting through the damage and insurance adjustors are taking a closer look at what the twisters left behind in Genesee County.

      The sounds of clean up fill the beeches district as neighbors try to get back to some sense of normalcy.

      ??The canopy is sitting way over there in that church's yard back there,?? says Ronald Amerson. The Beecher resident says he can live without his canopy but his car is a different story.

      ??I??ll never understand how it happened but the wood came through and went through my backseat here. Had anybody been sitting here, that would've been dead,?? says Amerson.

      He??s glad no one was hurt but he's trying to figure out how he's going to get back on the road.

      ??This is the only way I can transport my lawn mowers and weed wackers,?? he adds.

      While Ronald??s block gets back to normal, he??s got some tough decisions ahead of him.

      ??I??m trying to get my vehicle fixed so I can pay my bills. The water bill is coming, the light and gas bill is coming,?? says Amerson. ??Everything is coming,?? he adds.

      Down in Goodrich, there's an eerie silence as neighbors wait for insurance adjustors to finish calculating the damage.

      Meanwhile, donations are filling up the lobby at A-1 Autos.

      ??People of Goodrich, Flushing, Clio, Davison, from all over have come to open up their hearts,?? says Selina Black, who works at A-1 Autos.

      Back in Beecher, Amerson says he's glad everyone is lending a helping hand.

      ??Everybody is doing the best that they can,?? says Amerson.

      There??s still a lot of debris blocking roads across Genesee County.

      Officials with the road commission say they'll be putting in overtime to clean it all up.

      They expect all of the road debris to be cleaned up by early next week.