Tornado damage still standing in Genesee Township 1 year later

A building almost destroyed by the tornado as it stands today.

"It literally skipped over our house and tore through everything else and went down the street says Kenneth Cochran recalling May 28th of last year.

One year ago Wednesday a tornado touched down along Saginaw street in Genesee Township toppling trees, destroying several buildings, and tearing off roofs.

"We had a tenant here and she said she was asleep when it happened and she was laying down, woke up when she heard the noise and saw all the debris in the yard" says Henrietta Cochran.

But after a year the Cochrans hoped the damage would be cleaned up.

"It still needs to be taken care of, as quickly as possible" says Henrietta.

"We need to have these torn down because we know they are not going to be rebuilt, it's an eyesore and it's dangerous" says Deatrius Berks.

There's a debate between officials over whose department should be the ones to shoulder the removal effort.

The township only saying cleanup had been completed and the damaged buildings were vacant at the time.

"It's a little harder than I though it was going to be because the funds just aren't there to do anything with so we just put any penny we get back into the building right now" says Billy Anthony, a business owner who NBC25 spoke with after the tornado tore through damaging his business last May.

Business owners like Billy Anthony, in the meantime, say they're back on their feet but they still need help.

"It's a year later and it's like we've been forgotten" says Billy hesitantly.

Owners say they were told emergency funding would not be given since the majority of buildings hit were vacant when the tornado hit.

Genesee County and Genesee Township officials were not available for comment when contacted by NBC25.

Billy Anthony is holding a barbeque Wednesday as a thank you to all those who volunteered their time to clean up fro the damage.