Town hall meeting brings veteran issues to light

Historically, Michigan is one of the worst states for veterans seeking benefits. The state is trying to change that stigma by hearing from the voices of veterans.

"I was a veteran for nine years my son was a veteran for ten years," said Randy Terrain.

Randy Terrain is attending the town hall meeting in Midland for his son's health.

"Thatâ??s the toughest part coming out especially with the service that he did," said Terrain.

A town hall meeting with Senator John Moolenaar and Major General Gregory Vadnais is bridging the gap between veterans, benefits and legislation, including Veteran Affairs.

"I think that they need to go back and look at the processes they have in place and how they can expedite things to provide services for our veterans," said Adjutant General and Director of the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Gregory Vadnais.

Vadnais is in Midland to hear from vet's like Terrain. Terrain is concerned about soldiers who, like his son, are trying to enter the workforce while dealing with an injury that hasn't been treated by the VA.

We need to treat those things before they enter the workforce because they get into the workforce and then they fail,â?? said Terrain.

The Terrain family is one of many looking to the VA for answers and help. Through the town hall Terrain feels changes are on the way.

"Iâ??m hoping some of the legislation put out here recently is addressing some of it," said Terrain.

The average wait time for a new patient seeking primary care in the Saginaw is 22 days. That's 9 days sooner than the longest average wait time of 31 days in Detroitâ??s VA hospital.