Toys for Tatas: give a toy, get a lap dance

Nothing quite says 'Happy Holidays" like...a strip club?

That's what "Toys for Tatas" is all about.

According to ABC News, in Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois and Florida, adult establishments are promoting "Toys for Tatas", a way to collect toys for less fortunate children, in exchange for things like lap dances or breast augmentation. Perhaps they've taken off, after a skit on Saturday Night Live, featuring a holiday toy drive at a strip club.

According to KHBS-TV in Fayetteville, Arkansas, "The Platinum Cabaret" offers free lap dances for an unwrapped toy.

But not everyone is amused. A Salvation Army official says Toys for Tots shouldn't be advertised at an adult store.

So in some places in the US, the North Pole is meeting the stripper pole.

We've heard of no Michigan events that will feature "Toys for Tatas".