Traffic changes slated for M-46

Saginaw County drivers knowâ?¦

"Gratiot is a busy street,â?? says Mona Yancer.

When you're on M-46, you have to pay attention.

â??I just wonder if Iâ??m going to be next. You never know, you got to watch out for the other guy,â?? says Yancer.

Thatâ??s no joke to Paul Blood.

â??I'm not a traffic engineer but I know there is room for improvement,â?? says Blood.

A memorial on M-46 marks the spot where 18-year old Dakota Hill was killed in a car accident two weeks ago.

Blood watched Dakota grow up.

â??A real ambitious kid,â?? says Blood. â??He was going into the National Guard in October.â??

Blood is glad to hear the Michigan Department of Transportation is removing seven crossovers along M-46 and installing Michigan left turns.

â??This will reduce the conflict points and allow easier access to get onto M-46,â?? says Jack Hofweber with the Michigan Department of Transportation.

New left turn lanes allowing drivers to slow down and take more time turning.

Transportation officials are also studying traffic signal times.

â??The overall project is to improve safety on that corridor,â?? says Hofweber.

Itâ??s safety that Blood hopes prevents another death.

â??He was a really good kid, he was going places,â?? says

Transportation officials will also widen the side lanes on M-46, giving tractor trailers more space to turn around.

This project is expected to be completed sometime in the fall of 2015 for a grand total of $2 million.