Tri For Life promotes organ donations, honors brother killed in accident

Michigan triathletes are raising their heart rates and awareness for organ donation.

Frankenmuth was the host of the Tri For Life triathlon Saturday.

Tri For Life was founded by the Coleman brothers who started competing in triathlons for their younger brother who lost his life in a car accident in 2003.

The family decided to donate his organs which saved seven other lives.

Family members say this cause is a personal one for them.

"The city of Fankenmuth has helped us out a lot. This is an emotional thing. This is basically in memory of our brother and anyone who is on the waiting list in Michigan currently to get their organ," said Lon Coleman of Tri For Life.

The group organizes on two triathlons a year and hopes to expand in 2014.

The goal is to spread the message about the importance of organ donations.