Trial begins for Brandon Hayes, man accused of killing Dominick Calhoun

Brandon Hayes will go to trial for the death of Dominick Calhoun. / File Photo

Update: September 15, 2011

The entire jury pool has been dismissed in the case against Brandon Hayes. The court was unable to find an impartial jury for the trial of the man accused of torturing and murdering 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun.

The judge has now given permission to the prosecution to have a written response to the defense's second change of venue request.

NBC25 is continuing to follow this story and will have the latest details as they develop.

Update: September 13, 2011

While Brandon Hayes' trial was scheduled to begin Tuesday morning, it appears a jury has not yet been selected. The courts will continue to search for impartail jurors in the homicide case. If an jury cannot be selected in Genesee County, lawyers could ask for the case to be moved to a new location, so to ensure a fair trial.

Update: September 8th

Jury is underway in the trial of Brandon Hayes, the man accused of beating Dominick Calhoun to death.

The jury selection process is expected to continue through Friday, and the trial now slated to begin Tuesday, September 13th if a jury has been pulled.

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Brandon Hayes, the boyfriend accused of beating to death 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun, is scheduled to go to trial Wednesday morning.

In April 2010, Hayes allegedly tortured the little boy for days on end. The beatings were so severe, that the child passed away from the injuries.

Police say Dominick TMs mother, Corrine Baker, watched as the beatings took place. Days after the tragedy, Baker came to the NBC25 studio to give us your side of the story. You can watch her complete, unedited interview here. While she claimed that there was nothing she could do to protect Dominick, police believed otherwise. They say she could have reached out for help at several different times, but didn TMt. They believe it was because drugs were involved.

Last week, Baker plead guilty to 2nd Degree Murder in the death of her son. Her trial is scheduled to begin at the end of next month.

Now, Baker will testify against Hayes during his trial that begins this week. If convicted, Hayes faces a minimum sentence of 13 to 30 years in prison.

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