Truck slams into Saginaw home

Officials are investigating the accident.

A Saginaw family is forced out of their home after a truck smashes through their front door Saturday night.

Saginaw Police and fire officials were on the scene of the accident that happened at 1762 Ring Street.

Neighbors say a pickup truck traveling at a high rate of speed slammed into the home cutting a nearby gas line.

Several neighbors had to be evacuated from their homes during the incident.

The residents were home at the time but say luckily they were not injured and now are looking for a new place to stay.

"We were just relaxing downstairs in the living room when went upstairs, no sooner, a couple minutes later we heard this big boom, loud noise and our house was shaking. I guess we're in a rock and a hard place we're trying to find a new home. Right now we're currently going to be staying at a motel for a few nights and go from there," said resident, Josh Fleming.

Neighbors are permitted back in their homes at this time.

The accident is under investigation.