TSA to allow knives on planes

Small folding blades, hockey sticks, lacrosse poles and golf clubs are on the list of items to be accepted as carry-ons.

Getting past airport security is changing starting April 25th new policies are allowing new items on board.

The head of the Transportation Security Administration announcing today several new items that can get into the airport, including a golf club even a knife and that's what has fliers worried heading on their next flight.

"I was in Atlanta flying to Detroit and i was stopped for having tic-tacs in my pocket," said flier Mike Smith.

Mike smith says TSA stopped him for breath mints. But the administration is now allowing folding pocket knifes with blades no more than 2.36 inches.

"I read you are allowed to bring a lacrosse stick and a knife but not I guess tic-tacs," said Smith.

TSA says the idea behind the regulations is to expedite screening and allow staffers to focus on larger threats and not items like hockey sticks and novelty baseball bats.

"There probably isn't too many crimes committed with hockey sticks on planes but, I guess Iâ??m okay with that in general," said flier Andrew Wheat.

Frequent fliers at Flint Bishop International Airport say the airline industry revolves around time and whatever it takes to speed them up could be worth it.

"It caused me to miss a flight and cost be about 9 hours of time," said Smith.

More than ten years have passed since the 9-11 airliner hijackings resulting in the death of thousands of Americans. Andrew wheat says allowing small blades in the air is a huge step.

"They are just going to have to be more alert in terms of being a character judge," said Wheat.

"I think any knife would probably be problems,â?? said Smith

And this isnâ??t the first time TSA has changed their guidelines. In 2005 they made it so you can bring small scissors, needles as well as nail clippers.