TV reports help nab Saginaw Walmart suspect

A 49 year old Saginaw man has been arrested for stealing used batteries from the Walmart in Mt. Pleasant. The Isabella County Sheriff says the arrest was made possible by a couple of television viewers who had recognized the subject while watching local newscasts. It was determined that he had hauled 4,017 pounds of batteries in his ½-ton pickup.

According to sheriffs deputies, on Friday January 10, the suspect stole approximately 180 used car batteries from the Walmart. They had been secured in a fenced in area outside the Tire Lube Express. The suspect hooked a chain to the back of his green pickup with silver bottom and the other end to the locked gate. He used his pickup to pull open the gate. He ended up stealing approximately 180 batteries that were valued at $1,600.00.

The man will most likely face a judge late this afternoon.