Two arrested after Facebook child beating video goes viral

In a six-minute video posted to Facebook, an 11-year-old boy is smacked in the face and hit with a belt more than 50 times.

â??I watched the video and I was disturbed by it,â?? says David Leyton, the Genesee County prosecutor.

At least three adults watch the lashings, saying on the video, the boy is being punished for having false information on his Facebook page.

â??We made two arrests. We're seeking at least one warrant at this time,â?? says Collin Birnie with the Flint police department.

Police say the beating happened in a neighborhood on Flintâ??s east side.

â??Officers went to that location with Child Protective Services and made the two arrests,â?? says Birnie.

The 11-year-old and an infant, also seen in the video, are now in protective custody.

The video sparked outrage over the weekend.

â??The law says that you can administer reasonable physical force upon a child for disciplinary purposes. I think this was unreasonable,â?? says Leyton.

The video was shared more than 1,000 times before being deleted from the boy's Facebook page.

â??Thatâ??s why the police department has gotten into it also. We have our own Facebook page now which helped us in this particular case,â?? says Birnie.

All child abuse charges in Michigan are felonies. Many people canâ??t understand why someone would repeatedly hit a child.

The county prosecutor tells us he hasnâ??t pressed any charges just yet. Currently, two people are in police custody.