Two dead after being locked up in Genesee Co. jail

Under Sheriff Chris Swanson says February 6th a man was arrested on gun and drug charges. When put in a general holding cell he tried covering the cameras with wet toilet paper. He got into a confrontation with deputies and was tazed.

After waking up in an individual cell the man beat his head on the cell bars until splitting his head open. After getting medical attention the man was found unresponsive. The second man brought in on domestic charges. Witnesses told the sheriffs department he had been drinking for a week straight. After being put in a safety cell for detox he was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at Hurley hospital.

In both cases the men suffered from what the sheriffs department calls severe health issues. Under Sheriff Swanson says that inmates are monitored every 15 minutes for safety. Even cross trained paramedics were on scene to help the men before being pronounced dead.