Two Millington students jailed for making threats

Students in Millington reacting to schools being closed after officials said they learned, of some violent threats to their classmates and their high school. Prosecutor Mark Renne of Tuscola County said a frightened student stepped up and told school administration.

Officials said they must be tight lipped about the investigation, because the suspects, two boys,15 and 16 are so young.

"What I can tell you is the threats we're directed towards students and the school," said Prosecutor Mark Reene.

On Tuesday investigators searched the homes of the alleged suspects, and said they found the items these teens noticed to fulfill their master plan.

The teenagers were arrested and are now being held at the juvenile detention center.

"I can't think of a teen that would do that but I guess it can happen anywhere," said Mark Gabriel, a Millington High School student.

"The school did exactly what they should have done. Law enforcement did what they should do and thankfully we think a potentially tragic situation has been diverted," said Reene.

One of the juveniles has been charged with threat of terrorism. The second juvenile is charged with three counts of felony assault with a dangerous weapon for other conduct at the school involving a razor blade that had previously resulted in his suspension. The two suspects appeared in 54th Judicial Circuit Court for preliminary hearings. They are being held in the juvenile detention facility.