Two months after flooding, now scorching dry grass

It may be hard to believe, that two months ago parts of Swartz Creek was under water.

Zachary Medina who lives in Swartz Creek said, "everywhere was flooded."

Jacqualine Everitt has been living in Swartz Creek for more than a year. She seemed to agree with Medina. "When the big rainstorm hit, it was really bad down Morrish Road. It was really crazy with all the flooding," Everitt said.

On July 1st, crisp grass from the scorching hot weather now welcomes you in to Swartz Creek.

"Now it's terrible. Now all of the flowers are drying and stuff. . . They keep saying it's going to rain, but it's not raining yet here," Everitt added.

Everitt is one out of many people that is begging for rain. A wish that this time months ago was unheard of.

With temperatures in the high 80's and 90's, no rain and people not wanting to increase their water bill, some residents said there's not much you can do.

"It's not like you can water the grass everyday. The water ends up getting expensive after a while, but you pretty much have to bare with it," Medina told NBC25.