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      Two shot to death and one stabbed in Flint

      Flint Police responded to a shooting on Dayton St.

      At about five thirty this morning the Flint Police Department responded here to Mount Elliot and West Dayton street for a young lady who had escaped the house and said two people had been shot and she had been attacked.

      "We can relay that there are two male subjects that are deceased in the house. They are apparent victims of gunshots," said Flint Police Captain T.P Johnson.

      Flint police say they found two white men shot to death inside this home in the 800 block of Dayton Street. Lindsey Horne says they were his neighbors.

      "They all used to come outside. All three of them used to come outside. I done seen them, been around them and talked to all three of them but now two of them are dead and the girl in the hospital it ain't worth it," said Horne.

      Horne says he also know the female victim.. She was found one block down from the crime scene, suffering from a stab wound to the head and is being treated at the local hospital. Other members of the community say crime is not regular in the area.

      "This is not what we accept in our community anymore and we will still rise. Good will overcome evil," said Pastor Robert McCathern.

      After seeing the two victims removed from the home Horne expressed an urgent message to the community.

      "I??m telling you its cool around here its low key but you all have got to stop the violence," said Horne.

      The flint police department and the Michigan State Police are investigating the crime but have not come up with any suspects if you have any information you should give them a call."