Two suspects in custody following Saginaw firebombing

Three people are suffering from second-degree burns after a firebomb was thrown at a Saginaw home and thanks to tips from the public police now have two suspects in custody.

Saginaw Police say two people were arrested in connection with the crime Thursday afternoon. One of the arrests follows a tip from Facebook

Frank Burnett canâ??t believe what heâ??s seeing.

â??You don't hear about stuff like that,â?? says Burnett, who has known the victims for more than three decades. â??That's only on t.v. Now they (sic) bringing it to life. That's real nerve wracking right now,â?? he adds.

Fire investigators were cleaning out the charred remains of the house next door Thursday afternoon. This comes after an early morning firebombing and shooting.

â??The structure was occupied at the time,â?? says Ralph Martin, Saginawâ??s Fire Marshal. â??Once the incendiary device touched the front door, it actually exploded,â?? he adds.

â??The first thing I thought was, are they alright?,â?? says Burnett.

A mother her daughter and a male visitor were in the living room when gunshots rang out and the firebomb was thrown.

â??You have property damage, physical injuries and fortunately you have no fatalities, this is a very serious occurrence,â?? says Sgt. Reggie Williams, public information officer for the Saginaw Police Department.

Officials say several other people were inside this home at the time of the bombing but they got out safely.

Itâ??s real devastating but my first thing was just---I hope they was (sic) alright. Whoever was in there was alright,â?? says Burnett.

If you have any information, please call Crimestoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL.