Two teens charged in bottle rocket incident at Merrill High School

Two Saginaw County teenagers are facing felony charges after setting off bottle rockets at their high school.

Saginaw Co. Sheriff William Federspiel said Cody Felver and Troy Odell set off bottle rockets on the Merrill High School campus last Wednesday, May 8.

It happened during the lunch hour. The two boys were arraigned Friday on one count each of an explosives violation with a vulnerable target.

Some parents and students said the incident should be taken seriously, especially given recent threats at local schools.

Frankenmuth High School parent Susan Smith said, â??With the way things are happening in the United States and around the world today, something has to be done so it stops.â?? Smithâ??s daughter, Paige Hollerback, a Frankenmuth sophomore, said, â??It should be taken seriously and they should be in trouble for it, because they could have hurt anyone, they could have even hurt themselves.â??

No one was injured in the May 8 incident. Preliminary exams for the suspect are scheduled for May 23.

The charges normally carry a 10-year sentence, but Federspiel said it's a 20-year felony in this case, because it happened on school grounds.