Two winter storms to impact Mid-Michigan

      Two storm systems are on track to impact Mid-Michigan, but questions remain on the exact track they will take.

      Tonight's storm system is easy to fix a track on so there is not much intrigue with it, the advisory map is here on the page and I go more in depth in the video with snow totals.

      Saturday nights storm is extremely tricky, for many reasons and I will explain.

      Forecast models and the storms current track are not correlating well.

      We know the general track, but not where a clearly defined line that divides a large amount of snow from just rain will settle.

      Each model run, and each hour it moves closer to us, gives a much clearer picture.

      As of right now I have the Tri-cities on the line, getting a wintry mix plus a few inches of snow; This may change.

      Southern counties have a mix and a little less snow wise, making Sunday morning slick and messy.

      I go over the track we are expecting in the video, plus our ideas on what to expect from this system.

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