U of M Flint student overcomes major obstacles to get to graduation

Lance Harchick waits to receive his degree at commencement for the University of Michigan Flint.

While every student at the University of Michigan Flint had to overcome obstacles to get to graduation, Lance Harchick had more than most.

Lance lives with mild cerebral palsy, which can make walking difficult.

â??I had an open valve they had to close within the first few days of my life. I had issues with my eyes where they would go crosseyed so I had that corrected,â?? said Lance Harchick.

The vision issues meant Lance has had to find other ways to succeed in the classroom. He sat close to the front and had people helping him take notes. The University of Michigan Flint provides special accommodations to students like Lance to succeed in the classroom.

â??It has just been something he has dealt with. There's no instance here or there that has stopped him,â?? said Spencer Harchick, Lanceâ??s brother.

â??He works really hard. He studies really hard probably like more than everybody else,â?? said his sister Felicia Harchick.

For Lance and his classmates, now comes finding a job and making their mark on the world.