UAW officials say Chevy Cruze problem doesnâ??t involve engines

You won't see any Chevy Cruzes rolling off the lots any time soon.

â??The Chevy Cruze is the largest selling automobile for General Motors here in the states and globally,â?? says Dr. Tim Nash, an automotive analyst.

Dealers say the stop-sale order from General Motors not unusual but not giving a reason to stop selling the cars, is.

â??My guess is that there's some concern over the turbo charger and we'll quickly see what the issue is,â?? says Nash.

The 1.4 liter turbo engine is made at Flint's powertrain plant.

United Auto Workers officials declining on-camera comment Friday but say the problem is not an engine or ignition problem.

â??What I really think is happening is General Motors is being proactive,â?? says Nash.

The stop-sale order comes in the wake of fallout from GMâ??s delayed recall of 1.6 million cars.

â??I think Mary Barra is to be applauded,â?? says Nash. â??The fact is that she's not running away from anything. She's looking at a number of issues.â??

Whatever the issue, Chevy Cruzes are staying put for now.

â??Iâ??m sure General Motors will get it fixed and get it fixed on a timely basis,â?? adds Nash.