Undercover investigations lead to prostitution busts in Fenton, Flint

Christopher Davis is behind bars at the Genesee County Jail on $500,000 bond.

Christopher Davis of Chicago is behind bars on allegations of human trafficking.

â??We arrested him and charged him with two 20-year felonies,â?? says Robert Pickell, sheriff of Genesee County.

Pickell says the 27-year old got a 20-year old Clio woman hooked onto crack cocaine.

â??She graduated from Clio High School. A former cheerleader, the all-American girl, got into some drugs after school but just recently had fallen on some hard economic times,â?? adds Pickell.

Thatâ??s when Davis allegedly forced the woman into prostitution at three Flint-area hotels.

"Flint city, Flint Township and Burton,â?? says Pickell. â??Additionally two other houses---two in the city and one in Richfield Township.â??

But the allegations of prostitution in Genesee County don't stop there. The Lake Spa in Fenton is closed after an undercover investigation.

"We won't tolerate it and we're not going to allow it to continue,â?? says Lt. Jason Slater of the Fenton Police Department.

The court ordered shutdown comes after an undercover investigation. Fenton police say they were assisted by the Flint Area Narcotics Group also called F.A.N.G. They say when the detectives went inside the spa, they found three women working there. Two of which were living inside.

â??We received some anonymous tips from our citizens and they alerted us to some websites that basically gave us reviews for that location and it was explained some of the things that were transpiring there,â?? says Lt. Slater.

Authorities say workers were offering customers acts of prostitution. Area businesses are staying tight-lipped but police say they're putting an end to this.

â??We've got a very nice city and we're not going to tolerate that type of business here,â?? adds Slater.

No arrests have been made in the Fenton spa case but police tell NBC25 News that a hearing will take place later this month. As for Davis, heâ??s behind bars on $500,000 bond.