Undocumented immigrant children could be housed in Tuscola County

The entrance to the Wolverine Human Services facility in Vassar.

Children fleeing violence in Central America are flooding into the United States by the busload and a Tuscola County non-profit is looking into bringing some to Mid-Michigan.

Wolverine Human Services says it has the space to care for some of the kids at its facility in Vassar.

Some residents say they know the undocumented children need somewhere to stay but many who live in the community are concerned it would put a strain on local social services.

"My concern is are we just letting them in to let them in so we can be responsible for them," said state senator Mike Green.

The non-profit says the complex currently looks after 145 boys and girls and has capacity for up to 300. The senior vice president says Wolverine does not plan to reach capacity, but feels they have an obligation to help children in need.

"We are looking into the matter. We do not currently have a contract in place to service the children," said Senior Vice President Derrick McCree of Wolverine Human Services.