Union pickets Saginaw development

Bancroft Eddy project

When work crews arrive at Saginaw's biggest current development project, they're being met by workers carrying picket signs.

The project manager of Bancroft Project Saginaw LLC, Luann Stockfleth, says in a news release â??I am in complete shock that the laborerâ??s union is picketing in front of this vital and important project to the City of Saginaw. We have hired local residents on this project and we are committed to creating long term employment for the local economy.â??

Stockfleth went on to say that she supports the laborerâ??s unionâ??s freedom of speech and their right to picket but she is still puzzled as to why a group of people are so opposed to a 5 million dollar investment in the Saginaw community.

Laborers Local 1098 says they object to an Ohio company being hired to build and provide labor for this project.

Bancroft Project Saginaw LLC, purchased the Saginaw Bancroft and Eddy properties in January of this year and has been working with all levels of local and state government to transform these historic properties into mixed-use commercial and market-rate luxury apartments for the betterment of downtown Saginaw.

The type of renovations required to rehabilitate the properties is very specialized and costly in order to maintain the historic integrity of the buildings.

This project is creating approximately 10 long-term jobs and will create numerous short-term jobs that are being contracted to non-for-profit groups such as Habitat for Humanity and other specialized contractors through competitive bids.