'United for a Purpose' fights for collective bargaining

Earlier this year, the state of Indiana passed a law that prevents unions from requiring non-union workers to pay dues for representation.

Just last night, Wisconsin kept its governor, who supported legislation that cuts the benefits of state union workers.

Today, the group "United for a Purpose" kicked off its campaign at UAW Region 1C in Flint.

The group says it wants to educate the public about laws that have been passed that take away collective bargaining rights and laws that could be passed in the future.

Gathering at one of the most famous locations in union history, pastors, elected officials, the NAACP, community members, and organized labor trumpeted their intention to fight for those who support unions.

One of the organizers, Pastor Lewis Randolph says, "The public needs to be educated because the laws that have already been passed in Lansing that many people in the City of Flint do not know."

Meanwhile, organizer Pastor Chris Martin says, "Michigan is the birthplace of the UAW. Michigan is the birthplace of organized labor. We will not allow what happened in Wisconsin and Indiana to happen in Michigan."

Indiana passed "right to work" legislation that reduces the power of unions.

In Wisconsin, union state workers saw their benefits reduced and tried to recall Governor Scott Walker.

Walker won.

Midland republican Gary Glenn, who's running for U.S. Senate sent NBC25 this statement:

"Scott Walker's decisive victory over government employee union bosses is a historic turning point that proves we can save our country from bankruptcy and socialism..."

Under Governor Rick Snyder, union pensions are now being taxed.

"United for a Purpose" called out Flint's emergency manager Mike Brown, who they say should not be in power.

Brown defended his position by saying, "We are under extraordinary circumstances financially and that's really what prompted this. My focus has been to right the ship, get things on course, and get this back to the mayor and council as soon as we can."

Meanwhile, efforts are already underway to protect collective bargaining.

Supporters are gathering signatures to put it on the ballot.

The group, "United for a Purpose," says it will meet Tuesday, June 12, at Antioch Baptist Church in Flint at noon.

It is also planning a rally at city hall June 28th, where it wants 3,000 to 6,000 people involved.