Unofficial start of winter declared by Flint residents

Although it's not official Flint residents are calling this the first weekend of winter.

"You come to expect this weather in Michigan getting close to Christmas," said Flint resident Mark Anderson.

Falling temperatures and relentless wind is sending Flint residents into their closets and pulling out extra gear.

"If you don't have mittens gloves and a warm coat on you know it can be dangerous out here," said Flint resident Julius Gray.

Weekends offering little refuge from freezing temperatures in Flint. Even the warming centers doors have to close eventually.

"If I don't have to go out I wont. Unless itâ??s absolutely mandatory," said Gray.

Older residents say they are seasoned veterans when it comes to Michigan weather, no matter how unpredictable it may be.

"It might not snow like years ago when I was coming up but one thing is for certain. It be cold and this is guaranteed," said Anderson.

"You could never get used to this kind of weather but this is Michigan though," said Gray.

Many shelter and soup kitchens are opening their doors again giving residents somewhere to stop in get warm and maybe grab a free Thanksgiving meal.