UPDATE officials who reportedly missed a body at a fire have been suspended without pay

Luverne Wilson (left) was found dead in her home about 12 hours after fire officials left the scene.

Four of the five Flint public safety officers, who allegedly missed a body at a fire scene on April 17th, have now been suspended without pay.

The officials apparently looked through the home that went up in flames on the 3900 block of Leerda Street once, but due to excessive smoke and heat, the officials were not able to do an adequate search. Flint Police Chief Alvern Lock says the four individuals failed by not going into the home a second time.

Neighbors told NBC25 they found the body of Luverne Nikole Wilson twelve hours after authorities cleared the scene.

On May 12th, four fire-fighters and a police office were suspended with pay as officials investigated.

Now, Chief Lock says the four people determined to be responsible have been suspended for 28 days without pay, the maximum penalty allowed by the firefighters TM labor contract.

Do you think this punishment is more acceptable than the previous one?