Update on Saginaw Township double shooting that leaves one man dead

One of the victims, 36-year-old Jeffrey Kuhlman, died shortly after being taken to the hospital.

Saginaw Township police are still investigating a double shooting that occurred just after midnight Wednesday on Luella Avenue.

Thursday afternoon, they may have gotten a break in the case, after Saginaw Police arrested a man for a concealed weapons violation.

The arrest came during a traffic stop, and led to a search warrant being issued for the suspect's home.

Thirty-six-year-old Jeffrey Kuhlman died shortly after being taken to the hospital Wednesday.

The second victim, a 43-year-old man, remains hospitalized.

Neighbors say this kind of violence is rare on Luella Avenue.

"We heard a big commotion of police cars coming into the neighborhood and an ambulance," said neighbor Dennis Kanary. "All of a sudden it looked like the whole county has emerged on Luella Street and it's a pretty quiet neighborhood. We got a lot of poeple, mixed ages, and nothing really happens but last night, it really did happen."

The shootings mark the latest in a recent rash of violence in the area. Overall it was the eighth and ninth shootings in the Saginaw area in less than a week.