UPDATED: Bay County announces bridge closures effective immediately

Many Bay County bridges are closed

Bay County had announced several bridge closures until the road commission can determine if they are safe.

The Bay County Road Commission tells us that because of the number of locations effected and because of the shortened time frame that they have to deal with, there may not be detour signs directing traffic around the closed bridge.

The concern was that due to flooding, snow and ice there is possible erosion.

The reason for these closures is because of a Federal mandate dealing with flood waters at a bridge.

All reported bridged below are NOW OPEN

The bridges that were closed are:

Fraser Township

Seven Mile Road over Tebo Drain, immediately north of Erickson

Erickson Road over Tebo Drain, immediately west of Seven Mile Road

Mackinaw Road over Johnson Drain, immediately south of Townline 16

Pinconning Township

Hunter Road over the Pinconning River, north of Pinconning Road

Fraser Road over the Pinconning River, north of Neuman Road

Beaver Township

Beaver Road over Kiesel Drain, between Nine Mile and Garfield

Mt. Forest Township

Garfield Road over the Pinnconning River, between Neuman and Townline 16