US-23 back open after multi-car pileup

US-23 is back open after a massive car pileup on Thursday afternoon. At least 30 cars were involved in the accident.

It all started around 12:30 Thursday afternoon in white out conditions on U.S. Route 23 near Baldwin Road in Mundy Township. At least four people were trapped inside of their cars and pulled out by first responders. 14 people were sent to area hospitals including Genesys Medical Center, Hurley Medical Center and McLaren Medical Center. However, no major injuries were reported.

Drivers say it was complete white out conditions and the next thing they knew, they were in a major accident.

â??It was just a change in weather, the roads glazed over, almost instantaneously. Youâ??ve got the blowing snow and it just cascaded. One car into another and they just started spinning out,â?? says Ed Blight, chief of the Mundy Township Fire Department.

â??I canâ??t believe it. As soon as I figured out that I was okay, thatâ??s exactly what I did. I got out of my truck and took off running. Just wanted to make sure everyone is okay,â?? says Robert Sevick of Fenton. His car was damaged in the wreck.

At least six fire and rescue companies were on scene, trying to help in the clean-up efforts.