U.S. Coast Guard called to boat taking on water in Saginaw Bay

The Coast Guard wants to remind boaters to take life jackets and always check weather reports before getting on the water. / Mike Horne

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued four people from a boat that has washed onto the rocks of Channel Island, located in the Saginaw Bay in Essexville, after the boat took on water Friday.

The Cost Guard tells NBC25 the three foot high waves began to splash up into the side of the 20 foot vessel. The passengers inside the boat didn TMt know how to navigate against the rushing water, and began taking on water.

"Always have all your safety equipment. Most important being a life jacket. Big thing with the weather turning now that we're rolling into fall, the weather is going to start getting worse so be sure to check the weather and get weather reports before you go out," says Matthew Bell of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard warns that it is vital for people to understand how to navigate in all types of conditions before going out onto the water, especially this holiday weekend.