Vacant city-owned homes renovated for low-income families

A federal program is helping communities from Saginaw to Fenton pay to renovate vacant city-owned homes, and then sell them to low-income families.

Sunday families in Saginaw got a chance to take a look at the first five homes renovated under the program.

They TMre all made to be energy efficient.

One woman stopped by a home on Alexander where her grandmother lived years ago.

She says she TMs proud to see a great house get another chance at providing a home for a family in need.

My grandparents lived here right until they passed, so it TMs hard coming back and someday I hope it makes a good home for the new family that is going to buy it," said Christina McGregor, whose family used to live at the house.

The city is working on renovating numerous other homes under its 17.4 million dollar federally funded blight fight program.