Vacant home fire in Flint possible arson

Around 1230 the Flint Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Agree Street in Flint.

A sight all to familiar for flint residents.

"I seen smoke and was hoping no one was hurt and i walked down here to see what was going on,â?? said Thomas Young.

Around 1230 neighbors called to 911 for a structure fire.

"I look out my window and there's just a bunch of people walking down the side street here and I look out and see a big puff of smoke,â?? said Nathan Ryan.

When Flint fire arrived on scene the fire had fully engulfed the vacant home threatening nearby homes.

"We went into defensive mode and protected the exposures of nearby property,â?? said Battalion Chief Darren Clemons.

Onlookers believe this is without doubt arson.

"Eventually they will interview people around the neighborhood and see if they can get a lead,â?? said Clemons.

The investigation is underway to try and put a stop to the growing issue.

"It don't really change me its been going down for a while now. I've lived in flint for 9 years now and it ain't getting better it's just getting worse,â?? said Thomas Young.

Nathan Ryan is worried for homeowners but also larger buildings in the area.

â??Local schools that have been abandoned or shut down by the city or the school board that are being broken into and vandalized by people as well,â?? said Ryan.

Onlookers today said they have an idea of who may have started the fire. Fire officials say the investigation is ongoing.