Vacant property owners are held responsible for their mess in Saginaw

Saginaw resident Henry Green looks forward to getting some blight fighting help from the city.

Blight is a problem across Michigan and now neighborhoods are getting some help.

Saginaw residents say they are tired of fighting blight alone but now the city says that they are going to help by keeping landowners responsible for their vacant lots.

Henry green is single handedly taking care of his block and is looking for relief.

"I canâ??t even see over to the next street with all the bushes," said Green.

Saginaw's new ordinance requires all current and future land owners to register vacant property.

New owners need to register property with in 60 days of purchase, current owners should file now.

"One hundred fifty dollars covers a inspection for the property and maintaining the cost of the registry," said Saginaw City Councilwoman Annie Boensch.

Not registering the property or not providing a plan of regular maintenance is a violation and will double the fee.

Residents like green say itâ??s a small price to pay.

"I don't even have a chainsaw Iâ??m doing it with a hand saw," said Green.

Everyday that green spends fighting blight alone he says its time and money that he canâ??t afford.

"Iâ??m a retiree I don't have the funds," said Green.

Green hopes the ordinance will let him rest and stop fronting the bill alone.

There are homeowners like Henry Green all over Saginaw who say they are ready for the next 60 days to pass to get help from the city.

The Saginaw Fire Department is going to assist the city in enforcing the new ordinance and they hope registration fees will support cost of enforcing the blight fighting plan.