Valentineâ??s Day celebrates love and brings in big business

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love. And for some itâ??s a day when they started their life together.

"I was just cracking a joke about it saying, if we get married on Valentine's Day it would be easier for me not to forget the anniversary,â?? said Richie Torrent, groom.

With just their best friends at their side, the now, Mr. and Mrs. Torrent had a small courthouse ceremony on Friday, February 14.

"It's really special. I'm very privileged to be here, and I'm grateful that she asked me to be with her when she does this,â?? said Jesica Parra, bridesmaid.

Valentine's Day is also a day of big business for many, including flower shops.

"Today is the single busiest day for delivery without question,â?? said Kreg Krueger, Vogt's Flower's.

Every year Krueger hires on an extra 50 people to help with the Valentineâ??s Day rush at his Flint location.

"Most of the people that come in, come in season after season and actually year after year,â?? said Krueger.

Those extra hands are important because Valentine's Day celebrations come in a small window.

"It is just a day. Nobody wants Valentine's flowers a day late. Not too many people want them a day early. So we've got, basically a 24-hour window or less to get them there,â?? said Krueger.

There are all types of flowers used to say â??I love youâ?? but one flower is used more than any other.

"Roses are the flower of choice. Roses are the romantic flower,â?? said Krueger.

Krueger knows that because on Valentine's Day he sells around 10,000 red roses alone.