Vandals strike Downtown Midland Art series

This sculpture was damaged by a vandal. The loon that was attached has been located and will be replaced later this week.

A summertime walk in downtown Midland doubles as a trip to the art gallery.

â??Sculptures are a part of the Midland community every summer,â?? says Jo Currier who owns a wellness center in downtown Midland.

â??This is the 13th year for our downtown Midland summer sculptures,â?? says Selena Tisdale, executive director of the Downtown Midland Development Authority.

But when designers named a sculpture â??Loon Magic,â?? they didn't expect it to disappear.

â??Enjoy it as it is and leave it the way you found it,â?? says Bo Brines, a business owner.

A 24-year old man didn't get the memo, admitting he took the loon home--his mother turning the bird bandit in.

â??If sculptures aren't your thing, you don't have to take part in it,â?? says Tisdale.

Or take them home.

In a separate incident, another thief decided to liberate a boat sculpture from its glass dock.

â??We don't want to have to significantly change it and start protecting these sculptures so that you can't get a really good visual look at them,â?? says Tisdale. Sheâ??s hoping to get a good visual of the vandals although she's not giving up her surveillance coordinates.

â??Iâ??m not going to tell you our secrets but we just like the community to know that we do watch out for them,â?? says Tisdale.

If you have any information about the vandalism, give the Midland Police Department a call.