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      Vandals take eating breaks while shooting up cars

      Shooters took meal breaks between shooting vehicles

      Two adults and three young people have been arrested for allegedly shooting up to 19 cars and one house in a 10 hour period in the Flushing area.

      Police say those responsible have confessed to the crimes.

      They allegedly used pellet guns to shoot out people's car windows.

      Between Friday night and Saturday morning police say two adults and three juveniles went on a shooting spree.

      The targets were vehicles parked along the street or in driveways.

      One family that was victimized was out of town at the time caring for their two-year-old at the Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor Friday night.

      They came back Saturday and found broken glass.

      Homeowner Teresa Grindle says, "I'm just glad they were finally apprehended because it was quite a shock to come home and have my father-in-law's windshield busted out like that."

      Susan Dawes' vehicle was spared. It was inside her garage. "It's terrible it's happening, but I think people need to make sure they know where their kids are at all times and what they're doing when they're out," says Dawes.

      Police say the vandals spent 10 hours driving around and shooting, taking eating breaks between destroying property.

      Police say in one of the instances the vandals climbed on top of the hood of a car and kicked in the windshield.

      A house was also hit. No injuries were reported.

      Police say the shooters are all from the area.

      These same suspects are believed to have caused damage around the New Year's weekend in Mt. Morris Township as well.

      They've been arrested and released pending further investigation.

      The prosecutor will decide the charges.