Vastly different candidates running for 51st District seat

The election to fill the 51st District seat is set for February 28th.

The countdown to fill Paul Scott's seat in the state house of representatives is nearing zero, with the special election to replace him set for February 28th.

The three candidates on the ballot have different approaches to campaigning.

"I know where I want to start working. I know we need to get some jail space freed up. We have to see what we can do about some other things around here economically," says Republican Joe Graves, who wants to try and repeal the state's new pension tax.

"As an accountant it concerns me when we have that kind of 'oops' kind of thing. We should be tracking our numbers and knowing where we're at a lot closer than that," says Green Party candidate Cary Neuville-Justice, a Linden resident and tax expert.

Democrat Steve Losey's motivation for running was Paul Scott.

"He came into my home and sat on my couch the first time he ran and told me how pro-education he was and what he was going to do for education. Two years later he's taking it away," said Losey, during a candidate forum in late January.