Vehicle City Fest brings DIY punk to the city for a great cause

Over 80 bands from all over the country came to Flint to help raise money and awareness of kids affected by the water crisis. (Photo credit: Tom Metevia)

In its second year, the Vehicle City Fest continues to bring DIY or “do it yourself” punk rock bands together to raise money for children affected by the water crisis

With all the profits going to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund.

These bands have traveled from all over the country to play at the fest's four different venues throughout downtown Flint over the weekend.

"It's awesome, it feels good to actually do something about it because you hear about it all of the time and it's like you feel helpless a lot of the time so it's great to actually do something and I get to play drums so it's cool," said Steve Brewer, Drummer of Bike Tuff from Kalamazoo, MI.

For more information about Vehicle City Fest, click here.

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