Vehicle possibly connected to decades-old serial killer case found during dig in Grand Blanc Township

An AMC similar to this one was unearthed in Grand Blanc Township. A vehicle matching this description was believed to have been used by the OCCK during the abduction of Timothy King.

*** UPDATE ***

NBC25's Walter Smith-Randolph is on the scene at the 6300 block of Prairie Dunes in the Del Webb development. The Michigan State Police tell him that they are recovering a lot of car parts. However the parts are in "awful" shape.

The car parts are all being removed and taken to the crime lab.

They are currently trying to trace possible registrations and looking for Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).

Stay with NBC25 online and on the air and 6 and 11 for more on this still developing story.

*** END UPDATE ***

While excavating a basement in Grand Blanc Township several vehicles and parts of vehicles were uncovered, including one that police say could be connected to a decades old serial killer case.

At about 5:20 last night the Michigan State Police were notified of the find.

One of the vehicles was a blue Gremlin with a white stripe. This matches the vehicle description in the 1977 abduction and murder case of 11-year-old Timothy King.

The Timothy King murder, along with the murder of three other children over a 13-month period, was believed to be the work of a killer dubbed the Oakland County Child Killer (OCCK).

The other three children believed to have been killed by the OCCK were 12-year-old Mark Stebbins, 12-year-old Jill Robinson, and 10-year-old Kristine Mihelich.

At this time the Michigan State Police are investigating and treating the site as a crime scene. They have not confirmed yet that it is the same vehicle.

The OCCK was never found. In 2011, however, there was a possible DNA break on the case, according to a report from WDIV in Detroit. Through this DNA they were able to link the four victims together and give some possible links to some suspects.