Vendors sound off about relocating the Flint Farmers Market

Reactions are mixed among market vendors but one thing is for sure... Its going to be hard digging up the roots and moving a site so rich with history.

"Iâ??ve been here since i came with my uncle when i was five years old," said farmer and long time vendor Bruce Penzien.

Produce, meats, treats and toys fill the flint farmers market for more than 70 years.

"Hard to think about moving really," said Penzien.

Wednesday vendors like Bruce pension are going to weigh in at a public input session. They'll talk about topics like parking.

That's one of the biggest issues.

"Donâ??t think there is enough parking in my objective of you know. And we have the weekends that have the special events," said Penzien.

Farmer Bruce says gridlock days like Back to the Bricks, the Crim and Bikes on the Bricks will keep potential customers away. But the outlook isn't entirely grim.

"I think it would be great. A lot of people are against it because the place is old, itâ??s a landmark but I think it would be great," said vendor Sandra Williams.

Also up for discussion, what happens to the former nostalgic symbol of capitalism.

"Something like a landmark for people to come back and just think about the old farmers market," said Williams.

Vendors say a new market means new beginnings and it will be hard to let go.

"Great atmosphere, a lot of people come in for the atmosphere of the market. I don't think they will have that down there," said Penzien.

Farmers Market Manager Dick Ramsdell says the benefit of moving downtown. Tapping into a new source of income with neighbors, a bus stop and college campuses that could add a boom to business.

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