Verizon Wireless Zee by Griffin

The front of the Zee

Opinion Piece Author: Kris Russo, NBC25 Account Executive

Zee is a fun and fuzzy little monster that is part of the Woogie family, which is perfect for little ones.


Verizon Wireless Zee by Griffin is a blue and yellow fuzzy friend that can be used by little ones to play with the iPod touch or momâ??s iPhone. They also have their own app that can be downloaded that makes them interactive with the child. They have various moods, funny faces, and feelings that can also interact with other Woogieâ??s via Bluetooth.

Zee can go on missions or just tell jokes and it is great to see little ones interacting with their pal.

This also a great way to help keep the ipod/iPhone protected from scratches or damage from dropping it.


Tired of that little one stealing momâ??s phone when she sets it down? Get them their own little iPod and Zee and watch them go to town. Definitely worth the investment!