Veteran reunites with lost service dog

Retired Army Corporal Adam Morton is resting easier after his service dog, Quincy, is returned home.

Adam Morton is a disabled veteran medically discharged after being injured in Iraq. His service dog, Quincy, helps with his post traumatic stress disorder.

But after losing him more than 600 miles away, his dog Quincy needed help getting home. Today, the two were reunited back in Saginaw with some help from two Patriot Guard Riders.

The Patriot Guard Riders were on a mission to help out a fellow service member. They heard about how Quincy went missing when a friend let the dog out.

The dog was found at a rescue shelter because of a tracking chip. Today, the Patriot Guard Riders completed Quincy's quest home and brought their fellow serviceman his best friend that Morton says means the world to him.

"He is trained to wake me up if Iâ??m having nightmares and stuff like that. He does a lot. If I have a floor lamp with a switch he knows how to turn it on. He knows how to use light switches. He does a lot but I won't work him today," said Morton.

The riders did not come to Michigan with just Quincy. They gave Morton a plaque thanking him for his service, and letters from school kids in Des Moines sending their thanks and best wishes.